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Beyond a Course – A Community

 Club XPF is more than just a language course; it’s a community of French language enthusiasts. It’s for those who seek continuous improvement and a deeper connection with French culture.


Exclusive Benefits

As a member, you’ll have access to our ongoing coaching, online resources, and a network of fellow learners.
Enjoy annual immersive experiences, tailored to your progress and interests.

Comprehensive Support

Our club is designed to support your language journey every step of the way. From online lessons to in-person immersions, we provide the tools and community support to keep your French growing.

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Your French Journey Awaits

Become a part of Club XPF today and embark on a lifelong journey of French language and cultural discovery.

If you are...

Someone who values continuous learning and seeks a deeper, ongoing connection with the French language and culture. Traditional learning methods have left you wanting more – more interaction, more immersion, more growth.


Finding a sustainable and engaging way to continually improve your French skills can be challenging. Without the right support and resources, maintaining and advancing your language proficiency can feel like a solitary and daunting task.

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Club XPF: Your Community for Lifelong French Learning

We understand the importance of a supportive community and continuous learning in language mastery. As a member of Club XPF, you join a community dedicated to the lifelong journey of French language learning, guided by our experienced bilingual coaches.

Here’s what Club XPF offers:

Ongoing Coaching

Regular sessions to refine your skills and overcome any linguistic challenges.

Exclusive Resources

Access to a wealth of online materials, including curated audio lessons and interactive content.

Immersive Experiences

Participate in yearly immersive activities, ensuring your learning journey is always fresh and exciting.

Hear it from those who’ve lived the XPF experience

Our clients often share how they’ve struggled with traditional learning methods. But with us, they’ve broken the language barrier.

Our seasoned bilingual coaches, all native French speakers, have a passion for teaching and cultural exchange. Our crafted immersive experiences are based on your interests – from culinary arts to history. Our testimonials speak volumes: Stories of transformation, confidence, and a newfound love for the French language and culture.

Thanks to XPF, I have discovered that I can use French to
communicate with people whilst spending a wonderful holiday in France.
Whether exploring fabulous chateaux, discovering impressionist art and interesting architecture not to mention enjoying wonderful food and wine, speaking French just felt more comfortable.

Testimonial Joanne B


Before I did my Fast Track intensive French immersion with XPF I had on-line sessions with my coach to prepare myself & also so that XPF could personalise French activities to my interests.
It really helped that the lessons were personalised to my own situation & included the audio recordings because I was able to hear the correct pronunciation & finally introduce myself; instead of some generic person from a text book

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IT Executive

The combination of an after breakfast French lesson followed by French conversation throughout the day was very helpful and improved my confidence. 
The week went so fast and it helped visualise and put into practice my French skills. 
I am now continuing with weekly lessons and am looking forward to further experiences with XPF!

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Retired CEO

Ready to commit to your French language journey?

Join Club XPF and be part of a community that grows together. Enhance your skills, enjoy unique experiences, and keep your French journey alive.

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Imagine conversing fluently with locals

As a Club XPF member, you’ll not only maintain and improve your French language skills but also form lasting connections with like-minded learners. Imagine being part of a vibrant community where every interaction enhances your understanding and love for French culture.

By the end of your journey with XP France...

Club XPF transforms language learning from a solitary pursuit into a shared experience, full of growth, camaraderie, and cultural exploration.

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Don’t let your French learning journey plateau

Join Club XPF and unlock the door to ongoing mastery and cultural immersion. Your French adventure continues here, and we can’t wait to welcome you.

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