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Learn French In France With XPF

Guided by your chef, you will learn how to prepare & cook delicious French cuisine.

What is XPF?

XPF is a language school experience like no other: it offers curated French experiences for people that love France & want to acquire French, not in a classroom, but through our unique & personalised immersion programs. 

We use the proven “natural approach” because nobody learns their first language with grammar, rules & exceptions. We learn by hearing, experiencing & then speaking – only when we’re able to communicate do we learn the rules. This is how we all learn our mother language! Learn more:

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Why choose XPF to Learn French in France?

If you want to learn French in France, we offer an authentic French experience where you can learn the language through cultural immersion. Our expert instructors will guide you through various cultural activities, such as wine tasting, cooking classes, and city tours, to help you improve your language skills while having fun. With XPF, you’ll not only acquire French language skills but also gain a deep understanding and appreciation of French culture. Start your journey to learning French in France with XPF today. Learn more about our French language immersions for adults.

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We’re on a mission to make it easier to acquire languages so that people can communicate better with new friends, customers, improve their job prospects & travel the world.

Speaking more languages is fun & makes us more employable; at home or over-seas.

Carl Adkins - Founder

Carl Adkins Founder of Experience France

Carl Adkins - Founder

I created XPF because I wanted others to be able to speak French quicker than I did; and thanks to the latest research in linguistics, neuro psychology and most importantly – my mistakes – you can!

I didn’t want to learn French to win conjugation or spelling competitions – I wanted to have conversations with French people, understand the menu and experience France; the real France & her people. I’ve done that but it could’ve been MUCH easier, quicker & cost less.

I am not a professor of linguistics, languages or psychology but I have condensed these findings & found experienced coaches to develop XPF beyond just “learning French”.

(For those interested in the science behind this then see our ‘Science behind XPF‘ section for more details about Professor Krashen & Professor Asher.)

XPF is about diving into whatever interests you about France: the food, culture, history, even the ‘quirks’ and using that as your key to unlock the French language & a France that is beyond the clichés, exciting (sometimes frustrating!) and full of new friends and opportunities.

I look forward to experiencing France with you!

Hebret Maasho - Co-founder & Language Coach at Experience France

Hebret Maasho - Co-founder &
Language Coach

I grew up speaking Amharic, French & English; each language gave me a passport to new worlds & cultures working for the United Nations in Addis Ababa, Paris & New York.

When my daughters arrived they learned French at school and at home I applied natural, action-based activities in Amharic & English that I know worked for me & I adapted them to suit what interested my daughters. They are now quadri lingual having acquired Spanish while travelling!

This, I later learnt, is how we all acquire our first language as children – training our ears with songs & rhymes along with trying to communicate using ever more elaborate sentences.

By doing activities & creating vivid experiences we engage more senses than sitting in a classroom, so our ears & brains define them as “worth storing”; the same way we are able recall the lyrics from a favourite song many years later!

Our immersions help you to acquire the language naturally and allows you to feel comfortable practicing the language without embarrassment. We encourage you to express yourself and communicate in simple and useful sentences – even when you haven’t mastered the “le” or “la”! We all make mistakes but this is how we acquire a new language; without home-work or tests: by listening, experiencing and communicating.

Join us and we will curate for you a personalised program that guides you on your French adventure as you explore & acquire the gift of a new language.

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