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Private French Courses

When it’s not possible to meet in person then we supplement your natural language acquisition with private on-line coaching sessions.

Lessons Centred Around You - Not Old French Books or Grammar Rules.


Your coach prepares sessions that are unique to you so that you can introduce yourself - not a generic person from an old text book!


Working with themes that you are already interested in (such as art, sport, history or wine) means that you will acquire the French vocabulary quicker because you already comprehend the theme. This is how we stay interested, focused &, most importantly, remember what we learn.

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Online app

We provide you with access to our online learning system which contains your lessons & all the audio & video relating to that theme.

Immersion ready

Online coaching & apps are great but nothing can beat actually experiencing France, with French people & discovering the new world that understanding & speaking French will bring to you!

Whatever your device,

if you’re at your desktop, on your sofa or on the move – you’ll always have access!


No Commitment
  • Dedicated coach
  • Pay as you go
  • 3 months access to online lessons
  • Special Trial Offer - 2 hours €99

Ten Sessions

Perfect Start to Learning French
  • Dedicated coach
  • Sessions valid for 6 months
  • Deductible from Club XPF*
  • 12 months access to online lessons
  • 10 hours = €500

Fast Track French

Speak French in 3 Months
  • One week immersion in France included*
  • Pre & post immersion coaching included
  • 18 months access to online lessons
  • 72 hours over 3 months = €2,998

Get a Free Lesson



Learning French on-line has grown exponentially since French apps burst onto our smartphones & Covid forced us to stay home or avoid crowded areas. App stores & online resources like Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook & TikTok etc. have masses of French videos, vocabulary, grammar & flashcard apps to keep you busy for “free”. However, good, structured content is worth paying for so checkout the services from Babbel, Duolingo, FluentU, iTalki, Memrise, Pimsleur, Preply if you prefer to learn French alone.

Do they help you learn new words, phrases & grammar? Absolutely.

Do we retain more conversational French & create more long lasting memories* when we travel to France & immerse ourselves in physical activities that interest us? Absolutely. 

This is why, with XPF, when you have returned home you will review, on-line with your XPF guide, the photos & videos from your immersions together with the new vocabulary you were immersed in.  

*Scientists can measure this ability to create new neurons (neuroplasticity) and we prove this every time we get a song stuck in our head (earworm); or hear a song that recalls a special memory with someone or in someplace.

You will certainly pick up some phrases & vocabulary but not enough to be ordering from the French menu before the end of your holiday. Your XPF coach will help you to build a good foundation before you arrive in France & prepare you for your French immersion with us. This approach physically & mentally immerses you in the subjects that interest you & helps get your ear “tuned” to French. By not getting bogged down in grammar rules or writing like Voltaire you will keep motivated & start communicating.   

The most important sense when learning a new language is hearing the new sounds so you can hear when a sentence sounds right – rather than remembering a rule. Think about saying “I’d like an apple” vs “I’d like a apple” or “there aren’t much people over there” v “there aren’t many people over there”. Do you know the rule?

Grammar is very important but it is not the #1 priority when you are learning a language. It is the same for music, most of us can enjoy music & recognise when a note is played out of tune from our favourite song even if we are not trained in the “grammar” of music. Imagine if we all had to be trained musicians before we could sing along to “Happy Birthday” or enjoy some Abba, Elvis or Beethoven?

We are not saying that the world doesn’t need trained musicians or great writers but let’s enjoy it first!

Let us plan your French immersion & Experience France with us!

Our immersions are personalised for you & everyone has different questions so we’d love to hear from you & make your French dreams a reality.

Immersions & accommodation are centred around west Paris, in the region of Yvelines; home to the historic towns & castles of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Versailles & Rambouillet.

From here we explore the beautiful river Seine valley, Normandy countryside & coast known as the “Parisian Riviera”. Whether you’re buying a baguette in Bayeux, hiking around Honfleur or taking a dip in Deauville – you won’t believe that learning French in France could be so much fun!

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