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Discover the success stories of XPF’s French Immersion program. We look forward to helping you on your French journey and having fun at the same time!

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Are you facing similar hurdles to these when learning French?

We often hear statements like this, and if this sound like you, then you’re not alone. The path to mastering a new language as an adult can be fraught with unique challenges. Here’s what fellow learners frequently share with us:

“I find traditional classroom settings stifling. They’re more about memorising rules than actual communication. It’s frustrating when I can ace a test but can’t hold a conversation in French.”

“With my busy schedule, committing to regular classes feels overwhelming. I need a learning method that’s flexible and fits into my hectic life, not the other way around.”

“I feel embarrassed to speak. I’m scared of making mistakes, and it’s disheartening when I can’t express myself the way I want to in French.”

“I learn better when I can connect language to real-life situations. Traditional methods lack this context – they don’t teach me how to use French in everyday conversations or understand the culture.”

“Repetitive drills and textbook exercises bore me. I’m looking for a learning experience that’s engaging and stimulating, something that piques my interest and keeps me motivated.”

Recognising these common challenges, we have crafted a learning experience that addresses these very issues. We believe in a learning journey that’s engaging, flexible, and rich in real-world application – a journey where you build confidence in speaking French through practical, enjoyable experiences, not just textbook exercises.

Here's what clients Say After Their French Immersion:

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Immerse yourself in French culture, from “cafe au lait” to “le coucher de soleil”

Jennifer B

Solo Traveller

"The week went so fast and it helped visualise and put into practice my French skills...”

John R

Retired CEO
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"Thanks to XPF, I have discovered that I can use French to communicate with people whilst spending a wonderful holiday in France”



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