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Dreams Can Come True

I have a surprise for you. I finally did it. I rented the apartment for two months, May & June. Yes, dreams can come true!

Leaving your life for a week much less two months was a challenging task, both practically as well as emotionally. The practical details – mail, bills, work, etc. were addressed one by one. Emotionally, I was going to France alone, no friends or partner for the first time. Truly, a French immersion experience.

Dreaming in multiple languages

Dreaming in multiple languages?

Sleep has a more powerful role in language-learning than was previously thought. What does this reveal about our night-time brain?

Traffic Signs

Cycling in France?

Taking a bike (vélo) for a tour around Paris or the Normandy countryside is a great way to explore so here's a few of the important rules & signs that you need to know. (In French!)

Discover the Best of Normandy

Discover the Best of Normandy

Finally being recognised for it’s beautiful countryside and great destinations, within 1-2 hours from Paris or Calais, see 12 Must-Visit Places.


Best Paris Terraces?

It's sunny terrace time 😎 in Paris! Most on this list are free. MUCH more space than that café on the corner. Ask us about our favourite terraces outside Paris 😉


Not Long Now!

Unfortunately, the USA didn't quality for the rugby world cup finals here in France but the tournament will soon start on September 8th with France v New Zealand. Get all the matches in your calendar now!

You think French has crazy rules

You think French has crazy rules?

Great BBC video proving that the “sound of language” is important for English also. Learn about this odd ‘law’ that has been passed on from generation to generation, and most of us use them. Lexicographer, etymologist and broadcaster Susie Dent looks into these linguistic quirks.

Ou est the bathroom

“Ou est the bathroom?”

Going to powder your nose in France used be a game of Russian roulette but things have gotten A LOT better since the first “vespasienne”. Maybe not everyone’s idea of a day trip in Paris but you can tell a lot about a place by its toilets my Nan used to say!



Free Chateau Lesson

Who doesn't like a chateau tour, especially a free one? One of our most popular visits is to the former home of Alexandre Dumas - creator of the Three Musketeers. Here's a free lesson with audio to practice your French!
Contact us if you'd like a personalised lesson or to get other lessons about communicating in French, Napoleon, Lafayette or Renoir for example.


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Love Paris? Like a bargain? Want to learn all about the culture and intriguing history? Or what about getting the scoop on all the latest shows, boutiques, and top tables in the City of Light? Pay only $30 (USD) for an entire year membership to Bonjour Paris!

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