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You Deserve More than Traditional Language Learning
If you’re not just looking to learn French; you’re seeking to live it, breathe it, and make it a part of who you are.
And traditional language courses with their rigid structure and classroom confinement have left you yearning for something more – something that resonates with your passion for French culture and your desire for a more engaging learning experience.
We've been there too

At XPF, we see the value in learning that connects with you personally – the context-craving individual, the connection-seeking linguist, the immersive experience lover. That’s why our three unique French learning paths are tailored to offer more than just language skills; they provide cultural context, personal connections, and immersive experiences that traditional methods often lack.

Your Deep Dive into French Immerse Fully, Learn Deeply

Our Multi-Day Immersion Courses are for those who wish to plunge into the depths of the French language and culture. Picture yourself spending days in the picturesque French countryside or navigating the historical streets of Paris, all while engaging in meaningful conversations and bespoke cultural experiences.

What You’ll Experience: A series of immersive days packed with tailored activities, guided by our expert bilingual coaches, ensuring that every moment is a step towards fluency.

French in a Day Maximise a Day, Embrace a Language

Short on time but high on enthusiasm? Our Single Day Immersion Experiences are crafted for maximum impact. Whether it’s a culinary adventure in Rouen or an art tour in Normandy, each day is an opportunity to enhance your French in the most practical and enjoyable way.

What You’ll Gain: A day of immersive learning, customised to fit your schedule, yet rich enough to leave you with improved language skills and memorable experiences.

Keep the Flame of Learning Alive
Beyond a Course – A Community

For those who seek a continuous journey in French mastery, Club XPF is your haven. It’s not just a membership; it’s an invitation to be part of a community that shares your passion for the French language and culture.

What Awaits You: Regular coaching sessions, exclusive resources, and annual immersive experiences to ensure your French keeps flourishing.

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