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A Day to Remember: Our single day immersion experiences in France are perfect for those who want a taste of French culture and language in a short time. Each day is an adventure, filled with activities that bring the French language to life.

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Personalised and Practical

Select from a range of activities – from cooking classes in Paris to art tours in Normandy. Our experiences are more than just lessons; they are real-life interactions that enhance your language skills in practical situations.

Flexible and Fun

Whether you’re a beginner or looking to brush up your skills, our single day experiences offer flexibility and enjoyment. Spend a day with us and see how fun and effective our approach can be.

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Dive In

Ready for a day of French learning like no other? Book your single day immersion experience today!

If you’re...

intrigued by the French language and culture but don’t have the time or resources for extended courses and are looking for a meaningful, enriching experience that fits into your busy schedule.

But find that...

Many language learning options require long-term commitment and may not offer the immediate engagement or practical application you want, leading to a feeling of stagnation or disconnection from your language learning goals.


Your One-Day French Adventure with XPF

We understand your need for a more engaging, effective approach to language learning. Our team of experienced, bilingual coaches are not just teachers; they’re cultural ambassadors. We believe in a natural, immersive approach to language learning, emphasising real conversations and cultural experiences.

Our Single Day Immersion Experiences are crafted to maximise your learning and enjoyment in just one day

Tailor-Made Itineraries

Select activities that align with your interests – from culinary arts to historical explorations.

Immersive Learning

Engage in real-world conversations and activities, immersing yourself in the language and culture.

Practical Application

Apply your learning immediately, improving your language skills in real-life situations.

Here’s an example of the type of activities we offer:

Hear it from those who’ve lived the XPF experience

Our clients often share how they’ve struggled with traditional learning methods. But with us, they’ve broken the language barrier.

Our seasoned bilingual coaches, all native French speakers, have a passion for teaching and cultural exchange. Our crafted immersive experiences are based on your interests – from culinary arts to history. Our testimonials speak volumes: Stories of transformation, confidence, and a newfound love for the French language and culture.

Thanks to XPF, I have discovered that I can use French to
communicate with people whilst spending a wonderful holiday in France.
Whether exploring fabulous chateaux, discovering impressionist art and interesting architecture not to mention enjoying wonderful food and wine, speaking French just felt more comfortable.

Testimonial Joanne B


Before I did my Fast Track intensive French immersion with XPF I had on-line sessions with my coach to prepare myself & also so that XPF could personalise French activities to my interests.
It really helped that the lessons were personalised to my own situation & included the audio recordings because I was able to hear the correct pronunciation & finally introduce myself; instead of some generic person from a text book

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IT Executive

The combination of an after breakfast French lesson followed by French conversation throughout the day was very helpful and improved my confidence. 
The week went so fast and it helped visualise and put into practice my French skills. 
I am now continuing with weekly lessons and am looking forward to further experiences with XPF!

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Retired CEO

Ready to transform your French language skills?

Book your Single Day Immersion Experience and discover the joy of practical, immersive learning.

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Imagine conversing fluently with locals

understanding nuances of the language, and enjoying the richness of French culture. Our courses are designed to take you there – to a place of confidence, connection, and cultural understanding.

By the end of your journey with XP France...

You’ll not just have improved your French – you’ll have gained a deeper appreciation for the language and the culture. It’s not just about learning; it’s about experiencing and living the language.

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Don’t let traditional methods hold you back.

Take the step towards a more fulfilling way of learning French. Contact us today to embark on your single-day immersion journey.

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