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Crossing France

Hi, I'm Kris. Please join me on my journey to speak better French by exploring France, making new friends & memories.
I'm a businesswoman from the US Midwest that always dreamt of being able to speak French & explore France. I studied French from junior high thru to my first year of college - even though Spanish was the logical choice!
I visited France many times & subsequently tried many traditional language schools to get comfortable speaking French. Sadly, (even though I could do my classmates' written homework!), when it came to small talk with French business colleagues or during Paris visits, something was “stuck” in my head & I almost gave up.
I thought that I would never speak French & I should’ve studied more when I was younger - then I discovered XPF....
Tasting fresh fig
Kris Crossing France

Fig in France

I’m often asked “What is the difference between learning French in France versus online apps or Google Translate?” My answer:

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Kris Crossing France

Je Ne Regrette Rien

For many years, I started (and usually quit) the French language programs into which I was enrolled.
The result: thousands

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