“The week went so fast and it helped visualise and put into practice my French skills…”

XPF French Immersion Instructor with the Clients

Having spent many years attempting to master French as an English speaker, I enrolled with Experience France (XPF) for a trial session early 2023 and followed on enrolling in the intensive course and visited for one week in June 2023.

The experience was very positive and I had the opportunity of spending a week with my French teacher Hebret and founder Carl, enjoying a different experience each day. I enjoyed the
opportunity of being in pleasant company every day and this included:

> a randonnée (hiking) day in the forests to the west of Paris

> a visit to the park of Versailles

> a drive to Normandy and an amazing Calvados audio/visual presentation

> visiting the very pretty harbour of Honfleur

> a tour of Le Havre with our local guide (whom shared the same industry and profession as I coincidentally)

> followed by an excellent beach fronted dinner before retiring to our hotel

We further visited the Museum of Van Gogh and Auvers, Maison Fournaise for lunch and the Renoir Museum. A must see also was the Viaduct at Louveciennes, lunch in St. Germain-en-Laye and finally dinner by the river.

The combination of an after breakfast French lesson followed by French conversation throughout the day was very helpful and improved my confidence.
The week went so fast and it helped visualise and put into practice my French skills. I am now continuing with weekly lessons and am looking forward to further experiences with XPF!


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