Immerse yourself in French culture, from “cafe au lait” to “le coucher de soleil”

Jennifer B
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“This is a painless way to improve your French . Explore your interests and learn as you go. You’ll be having so much fun absorbing the language and hospitality provided by the XPF immersion experience, it won’t even feel like you’re working.

As a seasoned traveller I can vouch for this exceptional opportunity to visit places of interest that are off the beaten track and not swarming with tourists.

It feels more personal and draws you into the experience, like walking the fields painted by Van Gogh in Auvers or standing in the spot where Monet pitched his easel. For the art lover this immersion is special. But the same rich cultural experience is available no matter if you prefer history, sports, boating or whatever your particular area of interest. XPF will customise your immersion to suit your needs.”

“The XPF total immersion method of improving your use of the French language is a fun and effective way to learn a new skill. After only a few days I found that I had the confidence to navigate social interactions, even French children were able to understand me. You can’t say better than that!”

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