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Will French immersions work for me?

Lets face it, there’s a lot of different approaches when it comes to learning a language and you have probably tried several language schools or apps already that didn’t work for you!

Now you’re even more motivated and ready to commit your time and money to a French immersion program. So how can you be sure that we can succeed where others have failed?

Before you book, for complete peace-of-mind, we offer our on-line “Immersion Trials” with one of our XPF experts.

What is included:

  1. Pre-session questionnaire and assessment.
  2. Personalisation of the sessions to suit your personal situation and interests. (A married person with children will introduce themselves differently than a teenager for example.)
  3. Two video coaching sessions of one hour duration where you are provided with your personalised “how to introduce yourself” interactive storyboard & introduced to the natural language acquisition (NLA) method. (Your storyboard contains audio & visual content unique to you.) 
  4. Post-session feedback to assess suitability for the method and, if suitable, a personalised immersion itinerary and budget.

Trial cost - €99 for 2 hours (Normally €60/hour)

The trial is refunded against any future French immersion you book with us.

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