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Learn French in France for Adults & Seniors

At Experience France (XPF), we offer immersive French language holidays for adults and seniors in beautiful locations across France to learn French and experience France. Our experienced and passionate instructors provide personalised language instruction and cultural immersion experiences to help you improve your French skills whilst gaining confidence communicating in real-life situations. Join us for a memorable and enriching experience that combines language learning, cultural exploration and relaxation around Paris and the stunning French countryside.

Whether you’re a beginner or already have some knowledge of French, our carefully crafted immersion programs for adults and seniors  will enhance your language skills and boost your confidence in speaking and understanding French.

Guided by your chef, you will learn how to prepare & cook delicious French cuisine.
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Immerse yourself & acquire the French language naturally.

Experience France Differently

Immersive experiences (in French) curated & developed for travellers & expatriates that love France, French culture/lifestyle & want to be able to communicate in French without spending months conjugating verbs first.

Experiences are carefully selected by us based upon your personal interests & needs. You are supported by an Experience France (XPF) bi-lingual guide to aide your comprehension, rather than just testing or translating, helping you to progress at your own pace.

This approach physically & mentally immerses you in the subjects that interest you & helps get your ear “tuned” to French. By not getting bogged down in grammar rules or writing like Voltaire you will keep motivated & start communicating.

Immersion Activities

Our group immersions are focused on small, practical social activities that can also be privatised for families, companies or those requiring one to one support.

Example activities:

  1. Practical Essentials: French conversation, communication tips, curated audio, reading & videos.
  2. French cuisine: cooking lessons & buying ingredients at the local market/artisan stores.
  3. French art, history, wine & cycle tours.
  4. Photography, painting & manga classes.
  5. Golf, yoga, sports/fitness coaching.

(These are a small selection of experiences – please ask us if your interest is not listed.)

Hear French > Experience French > Speak French!

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Don’t just take our word for it, hear from our clients

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Hear French > Experience French > Speak French!

How is our approach different from traditional schools?

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  1. Creating Memories not Conjugating
    Your visits are videoed & photographed, for you to refer to after your immersion & further develop your French with your coach. The science shows us that the more senses we engage the more we remember & create new vocabulary. (It’s more fun than conjugating as well!)
  2. Prioritises Comprehension
    Our #1 goal is to help you understand French & to be understood; not pass exams until you’re already communicating.
  3. No Pressure to Speak
    We don’t push you to speak before you’re ready & we certainly won’t be getting you to talk in front of a class of strangers!
  4. Curated Audio Lessons
    The most important sense when learning a new language is hearing the new sounds so you can hear when a sentence sounds right – rather than remembering a rule. (Think “an apple” vs “a apple” or “there aren’t much people over there” vs “there aren’t many people over there”). Do you know the rule?
  5. Personalised Activities
    Pre-dominantly outdoor activities based around your personal interests & circumstances.
  6. Replicates how you learnt English
    Nobody learns their first language with grammar, rules & exceptions. We learn by hearing, experiencing & then speaking – only when we’re able to communicate do we learn the rules.

Why is our approach the best way for Adults & Older Adults to learn French in France?

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Nature Knows Best

The order you learnt your mother-tongue is the best way to learn French. (Indeed any language.)

  1. Hear
  2. Experience
  3. Speak
  4. Write

Grammar, exceptions & conjugations are, of course, important but they shouldn’t be taught first. 

This is why “traditional language schools” fail for lots of people. 

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Personalised Programs

Your goals, background & budget are unique to you so we personalise a program for you:

  • Pre-immersion Coaching 
  • Experiences are carefully selected based upon your personal interests & needs. You are supported by an Experience France (XPF) bi-lingual guide to aide your comprehension, rather than just testing or translating, helping you to progress at your own pace.
  • Post-immersion Coaching 
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Scientifically Proven

We use the “natural approach” with Total Physical Response (TPR) as developed by Professors Krashen & Asher.*

The brain creates an association of ideas with the sounds and images from the outside world.

In addition, Sheltered Subject Matter Teaching (SSMT), focusses on what interests you, not the grammar rules &, when combined with stimulating activities, this results in more comprehensible input and natural language acquisition. (See our ‘Science Behind XPF’ page for more details.)

Learning French for Adults & Seniors - Naturally

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