Free Trial French Lesson #1 - Introducing Yourself (se présenter)

We provide you with the basics that help you to introduce yourself so that you can begin communicating as quickly as possible.

The order is very important:

  1. Hear the words, many times
  2. Comprehend the subject matter
  3. Speak when ready, no pressure
Just press PLAY when you’re ready!

Se presenter Hebret webF 1

Based on Krashen and Asher’s language learning studies, the TPRS method – allows its members to acquire the French language through written texts, videos and activities that have been carefully selected to facilitate their immersion at their own pace. 

The XPF natural method makes sure that:

  • words are always given with the article
  • sentences are simple to meet concrete needs, and understood
  • simple sentences are, if possible, personal to facilitate later the addition of more details to enrich the vocabulary
  • new sounds and new vocabulary are repeated in different sentences to facilitate memorisation
  • XPF sessions are free of grammar lessons, conjugations, photo copies, written exercises…

Guests are encouraged to :

  • warm up before each sessions with the pronunciations audio for ≥ 5 min
  • always listen eyes closed first to the audios of any XPF fiche to get familiarised with the sounds ≥ 4 times
  • repeat words or sentences loud without fear
  • pass to the reading level once you have, more or less, the correct sounds
  • listen to French audio, music and watch movies from XPF suggestions 
  • follow your pace of acquisition
  • remember to dare to speak during sessions or activities. It’s not your mother tongue so even if you have an accent, what matters is being able to produce correct sentences and express yourself!

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Free Trial French Lesson #2 - Renoir painting at the Maison Fournaise

Renoir 1


Here is an example of a lesson that prepares you for a visit to this wonderful location on the banks of the river Seine, not far from Paris, where Renoir painted his famous “Le Déjeuner des canotiers”.

You will experience an immersive tour, complete with holographic talks from Renoir himself, that concludes with lunch or dinner in the very restaurant he depicted in his masterpiece! 

As Renoir himself wrote “You will not regret your trip. It is the prettiest place around Paris.”

 This perfectly illustrates how the “XPF Approach” helps you to understand and speak French:

  • Pre-immersion Coaching: Before you arrive in France we provide online coaching, audio playlists & French fundamentals so that you can make the most of your time in France.
  • Experiences are carefully selected based upon your personal interests & needs: You are supported by an Experience France (XPF) bi-lingual guide to aide your comprehension, rather than just testing or translating, helping you to progress at your own pace.
  • Using videos & memories from your immersion we offer Post-immersion Coaching to those that want to continue acquiring the French language.

 Learn mare about the “XPF Approach” here >>

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